you are welcome on my homepage and I'm really glad to "see"
you on the web! I am Dr. Stephan Roscher with the long time
pseudonym "Docstephan". I was born in May 1956 in Frank-
furt/Germany where I'm still living. I studied history and
finished with the doctor degree. Some years I was working
as a historian for an agricultural federation but since January
2001 I'm trying to survive as a free journalist for different
magazines. Photography is job and hobby to me, especially
photography of nature and animals.

My favorite region is the big agricultural area called Wetterau
not far from Frankfurt (Hessen/Germany) where I normally
watch and photograph nature life which is very interesting.
I also like to take pictures of beautiful landscape or sunset
moods on my trips to Wetterau which I always do with my
big Suzuki Burgman scooter.

My cameras are all of the digital type: Olympus 2100 UZ,
Olympus E 100 RS, Minolta Dimage 7, Nikon CP 995, Canon
Powershot Pro 90 IS. Different lenses, converters, chip cards,
tripods a.s.o. are completing my photographic equipment. I
hope to be able to buy a digital camera body this year - may
be Canon EOS D60 or Nikon D100 - with one or two separate
objectives in order to improve the technical quality of my
equipment. I constantly publish my photos in photoSIG
(USA/World) and Fotocommunity (Germany).

On this website I want to share some of my pics with you
and present the essentials of my photo world as well as
my numerous journalistic and literary activities.

I can't offer an extensive English translation of this homepage
at present. In English language I only created for the mean-
time this introducing welcoming text and the navigation
system at the left which will guide you to the most important
locations of this website. I hope that's a way for people which
are not from my country, for example my numerous photo
friends and colleagues from photoSIG, to be enabled to find
their way a little easier here. I'm very happy about your visit
right now and I hope, that you will come back as soon as
possible! This repays in any case because my website is up-
dated and actualized constantly. I always try to improve it
and add new photos and descriptions daily. I even think, just
to watch the pictures or click on the links might be interes-
ting. And as a special gift there are also some funny
animations waiting for you.

Long time I was thinking that I'm too stupid to create my own
homepage, especially to learn HTML. But now I am doing my
very best to make it. Since January 22nd my website is online.
If you like, you are welcome also to write something into my
guest book (German: "Gästebuch"). You can write it in English,
I have no problems to understand it. I'm also able to compre-
hend statements in French. And if you choose another langu-
age, I will find somebody to translate it for me. Hope to see
you again very soon and thank's a lot for your interest
and attention!!
Online translation help you'll get here:
Stephan Roscher